Monday, October 19, 2009

Slow Down Baby!

Yesterday my little man took his very first step all by himself. He was showing off for friends at church and his mama missed it. When we got home, with his personal cheering section (big brother and big sister) he demonstrated his new talent.

I swelled with pride as I watched this little guy venture out only 12 days past his first birthday. He is so eager to get into the middle of all we are doing. Yet, secretly in my heart I wanted him to slow down, to be a little baby for one more day.

I remember when Journey was a baby waiting for her to grow up so I could talk with her, play with her, teach her and relate in a different way. Oh, that I knew then what I know now. Time runs away with our kids if we are not careful. When it is intense I can long for their independence yet the older they get the more I realize the independence comes all too fast.

So October 18, 2009 marks the day Eli starts stepping out on his own. He still grabs for my hand though and trust me, I am right there waiting to catch him.


Cara said...

Beautiful, Sandi.

I so relate, even being several steps behind you guys. Every day as I watch Esme grow I am telling her, "No! Slow down! Be my tiny newborn cuddly bundle forever!" She doesn't seem to be obeying...

Mrs. Nepper said...

Wow, what a big boy. Exciting, yet, I also understand the bittersweetness. With Gabe being our last natural born, I often wonder "will this be the last time?" In regards to snuggling, nursing, those goofy nearly toothless grins, and all the fun that only an infant can bring.

Stacy said...

NOOOOO!!! I'd be teary and happy, all at the same time. :)

Cute big boy!

Marian said...

I understand all to well...Tess is looking more and more like a "little girl" and not a baby everyday! Hold to have these days go in slow motion!
How exciting though that God grows us up ~