Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Six weeks on...One week off

As I mentioned awhile ago, we are homeschooling for six weeks and then taking week seven off. I must say....I really like this approach. This is our first week off since school started. I love the change of pace and the kids do too. I also am enjoying simply drifting in my thoughts as I clean. Amazing what we can be grateful for :o)

This is day three and we see progress. We do our morning routine the same and then do some read aloud depending on Eli's noise level :o) When he goes down we get to work....or I should say "I" get to work. The older two are off to Playmobile, Lego or stuffies for the next two hours. This is turning out just as good for them as me. They are getting to play for hours at a time which doesn't happen much during regular school weeks. Playing is so important.

These are the areas I am tackling this week:

  • Switch winter clothes in/summer out ~ done
  • Clean behind computer desk ~ done (largest dust bunnies this side of the border)
  • Organize toy area in garage ~ done
  • De clutter baby toys (where do they all come from anyway) ~ done
  • Pack up outgrown baby clothes to sell on Craig's list ~ almost done
  • Dust and organize my room, hang a picture or two (can you see the running theme that I dislike dusting on a regular basis)
  • Organize school shelves
  • Vacuum couches, under couches and stairs
  • Clean behind change table in upstairs bathroom (fearing large dust bunnies there too)

I enjoy simplifying and decluttering. It just feels so good.

The more I have, the more I have to move it and clean it.

Less stuff, less work, less thinking, less time!

I always ask my self when I used something last and unless it has a good reason for sitting idle....out it goes.

This is the garage prior to cleaning. I haven't taken the after picture yet. I should hurry up before it looks like this again. I find bins for each type of toy helpful for storage but not the best for little hands to put back by themselves. Small space requires stackable storage but also daily maintenance.....that's why I need every 7th week off.

Off too vacuum the garage for the finishing touch.

Oh, and our fun field trip from our week off is actually next Tuesday. Aquarium here we come!


Mrs. Nepper said...

I think that's a great approach (6 weeks on, 1 off). I think my only problem would be that I would try to get TOO much done during that one week. But my goodness you have been productive!
And yes, I agree, when things have a place to go, it is so much easier to be organized.
Good work!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

I also find that I am more productive when we have some time off from school. At the beginning of the summer, I went crazy cleaning and decluttering our house. It felt so good, and the kids always enjoy some time off. We're getting ready for our Fall Break, and I think we all need it.