Tuesday, October 13, 2009


You know you have grown when you look at this.....

And not immediately panic.

Between the dishes, the bread maker and the craft bin the blood pressure is rising. What you can't see is the Tupperware cabinet contents all over the floor courtesy of my very cute 12 month old or the craft all over the table.

In the past a scene like this would have invoked much internal stress that would then, in a less then loving way, spill into the outside world. I have found going from two children to three has done me in :o). I surrender! I have read all the rules of housekeeping and organization and implemented many of them.

In the past, to accomplish the clean organized exterior I would become military no fun mom. I'd have a clean house but grumpy unhappy family. So not worth it.

Until I can get a grasp on doing both I will choose the messy counter top over the messy heart.

The stuff on the counter isn't what they remember anyway, it's the smile on my face and the things we create.

And just so you know I can't go the bed with it there....so it will get addressed at some point :o)


Joy said...

*grins* Yes to growth!

I loooove the yellow on your cabinets. Makes me happy just looking at 'em.

Beth said...

Your kitchen looks so bright and cheerful - I love the yellow cabinet doors!

Sandi said...

Thanks ladies for admiring my cabinets.

When we first moved in I was going to paint them but they have grown on me. Now in the North West gray we have some brightness to greet us everyday.