Monday, October 26, 2009

1,000 Gifts

I have decided to join Ann's Gratitude Community.

This season of life is a great time to recall and record all the many gifts God has and will continue to give me and my family. I bought a separate little note book that I plan to fill with 1,000 blessings and gifts from God. As I fill the note book I will then fill space here each Monday (or Tuesday). It will be like a well worn path of God's grace and blessing unfolding in our lives.

I look forward to focusing my heart on those many things that I receive yet don't deserve. It's a discipline for me at this point. My prayer is that it becomes a blessed habit....a joy.

Bare with me it may be awkward at first.

So here goes...

1. That I know grace

2. The quiet of the early morning

3. The crisp air as fall comes

4. Words and books

5. Each of my six children ~ the 3 on earth with me and the 3 in heaven rejoicing

6. Poetry

7. Good hot coffee

8. Home education

9. Democracy

10. Classical Music

I tried to put the Multitude Monday Button on my side bar but I'm having problems.
It's too big to fit...any ideas?

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Raisingarrows said...

I've thought about joining in on this, but haven't as yet. I think if you paste the code and then rework the pixals (they'll say something like width 615px, height 415 px) you should be able to pare it down to fit. Just keep changing the numbers until it does.
Have a beautiful day! :)
Amy @ Raising Arrows