Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Six Random Things

1. We just bought a new (to us) van. I'll post pictures once Aaron gets home with it. (Like you really care what it looks like). This is another clear evidence of God's care for us. The van is 10 years old on the outside but has only 10,000 km on a brand new motor. Being the daughter of a mechanic I actually do care more about what is under the hood then the exterior. That being said the van looks great all around.

2. Confessions! The picture to the right, of Aaron and I is ten years old. Now to my credit I couldn't find a more current picture of us together, alone and actually looking presentable. Maybe we will take a new pic one of these day but of coarse I still look just like that :o)

3. Circle Time this morning in school was a disaster. It was chaos and not because of the struggles my 6 year old has with self regulation and hyperactivity....oh no! The culprit this time is the littlest male in our family who has decided that the playpen is a prison and not a play ground. He made it very clear this morning he would not be caged. So we sang and played with the baby instead. Let's hope he doesn't think that's the new plan everyday.

4. I think my PCOS is back......Grrrrr!

5. We are making some diet changes around here related to helping Isaac (more on that later). I have discovered that my all time favorite indulgence chocolate milk has of all things, color and artificial flavor. I never read the label before and I am disappointed. So what did I do? I bought a litre of it last night to drink all by myself as a formal goodbye. I will have to make my own recipe now but I am very picky about my chocolate milk.

6. Do you know that I was well on my way to becoming a Marine Biologist. I was accepted in a Marine program at a college in Delaware and was fulfilling a childhood dream. But I never went, something fell through the $$$. Long story. But anyway, I bet you didn't know that about me. There are some days in this stay at home homeschooling calling and adventure that the ocean seems much more appealing then the kitchen sink.

Happy Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

I'd enjoy some time in the ocean right now, too. :)