Wednesday, September 30, 2009

School Year 2009-10 continued

This year I am doing school six weeks on, one week off with the exception being between Canadian Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think we will go 8-9 weeks for that session due to being off for two weeks over the holidays.

I am looking forward to this rotation. It is working well so far. We have 1 1/2 weeks left before our first week off and I can see the need for that week already. I hope to plan the next 8-9 weeks of school, re-organize high traffic areas, switch clothes for winter and deep clean a few places in my house and take one field trip...probably to the Aquarium. We will play Language and Math games a few times that week plus piano but other then that we are off. I might, if time permits have a baking day to do a bunch of muffins and cookies ahead of time. I find when school is in full swing I have little time for anything but learning, basic cooking, folding laundry, time with my man, sleeping and hopefully reading. I'll let you know how the first week off goes.

As for Isaac's 1st grade year....we are still figuring some of that out. Due to the recently diagnosed ADHD, ODD and possible sensory processing struggles we are doing basics only. He tags along with our Zoology 3 and loves it. Facts are his thing and trust me he doesn't forget any of them.
For language, right now, we are using Rod and Staff grade 1 reading program. I posted awhile back about how much I loved Rod and Staff. Now that we are into it daily I am not sure it is the best fit for us. It's like pulling teeth to get him to do it each day. He keeps telling me how boring it is. I am planning to go to something with more bells and whistles to see if that works. If not then it isn't really the resource but the child :o)

I am thinking of trying Sing Spell Read and Write or Learning Language Arts Through Literature due to all the hands on cut and paste activities. I might just go back and try Phonics Pathways along with Explode the Code again. He definitely isn't your sit down and read a list of sight words kind of guy.

For math we are using Right Start Level B . It is going well. It has a lot of hands on activities and very few worksheets at the level. They make much use of the abacus and Asian based math instruction. We really like it.

The following is what I am most excited to share. I have found some fun supplemental material on line.

I have made these letter feet to provide opportunity to move during lessons. I put them on the floor and he jumps to the correct letter as I say the sound. We have started blending them together as well. They take time to make but I am making them as we go. I will continue with these no matter what we end up using.

I am making these letter puzzles too. I print them on card stock and cut them out. He so enjoys taking all the different pieces and making the letters from the pile. I started with the lower case letters because the feet are upper case. I plan to make the puzzles for all the lower and upper case letters.

This is our traveling school file box for Isaac. I figured since he is on the move, his school stuff would need to be as well. We can wheel this from the kitchen to the living room and then store it in the garage when needed. Everything we use is at our finger tips.

The bonus is, it was free. Gotta love a bargain!


Denise B said...

A great activity that exposes children to sight words is playing a board game called Er-u-di-tion™.

This award winning game helps children learn to read, spell and understand the most common words in the English language while playing an entertaining board game.

Elise said...

Love the traveling school box for Isaac! Brilliant!

Your school sounds like so much fun, and so cozy. I love your ideas for your break week- may the Lord make it so!


Anonymous said...

Love the traveling box for the traveling child!

Cara said...

I'm excited about the foot letters and the puzzles! Meg will love them. We're attempting a primitive "preschool" this year... thanks for passing on the resources.

Raisingarrows said...

Love the feet and the traveling file!
Thanks for stopping the blog and for reading about our Emily. I look forward to meeting your family and learning more about your little Jonah. (BTW, we buried Emily on Valentine's Day of 2008, so that day is also bittersweet for me.)
Amy @ Raising Arrows