Monday, September 28, 2009

Resources for our 2009-10 School Year

It's taken me forever to get to posting this. I usually provide links to everything we are using but it takes extra time. That's what google is for right? So there are only links to something you couldn't find on your own.

Journey is 9 years old and in 4th grade.

  • Rod and Staff Bible (she loves doing this)
  • Rod and Staff English Grade 4
  • Rod and Staff Cursive Writing
  • Spelling Doo Riddles
  • Still undecided on Writing (any ideas?)
  • Horizons Grade 4 (we did first 50 lessons last year~was a breeze after Singapore 3 but starting in the middle of a curriculum this year has proven not a good idea)
  • Spelling Workout Book D
  • Story of the World Volume 4 Modern Times (we are really liking the mapping and outlines)
  • Apologia Elementary Science Zoology 3 (this is our favorite science curr. She is coming out with an Anatomy book~ Jan 2010 that we plan to start in February. I think a Chemistry and Physics book is in the works. )
  • Typing free online (I like using this :o)
  • Chronicles of Narnia Novel Studies by Veritas Press

I plan to make a lap book accordion time line with our SOTW this year. We are also covering some Canadian history by watching a BBC series and making notebook pages. The big change for this year is the 6 weeks on and 1 week off rotation. More on that when I post about Isaac's grade 1 year in my next post.

Baby is awake and due to piano tonight dinner is at 5pm. Gotta get crackin'

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