Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Priorities and Plans.

I am working on getting our routines and rhythm's down for the fall. I have accepted there is no way to get it ALL done when the kids are home all day. Over the past year or so I have struggled with the Ideal vs. the Reality. I had a notion of what I wanted the schooling, homemaking, and service at church to look like and it hasn't really ever looked like that. I have finally come to place of accepting what is right in front of me instead of wishing for what it "should" be like. There is much peace in my heart over this and in my home :o)

This has in part contributed to not planning like a fiend this year and getting all my "ducks" in a row. I don't have ducks anyway, who by instinct follow their mother in cute little lines. Rather I have three very distinct, different and unique kids. I've always had this idea that order would fix all the problems. It is certainly a tool to get from one place to another but not the be all and end all. I am discovering the real "fixer" is in paying attention to the relationship (w/Him and them) and being at peace in each day as it comes. If peace comes from skipping math that day, so be it. I can't skip math everyday but stopping to get to the root of that lack of peace solves the real issues. I would tend to push through and finish. But finish at what cost?

So I look to the priorities this year and not the plan though it serves it's purpose. My hope is to see all the "interruptions" to the plan as an opportunity to stick to the priorities.

Over the next few posts I am going to hash out some of the practical things I will be doing different this coming year.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever visit You will find a ton of free, downloadable organizational helps! I wish I had known about her site before I spent money on planners.

Beth said...

Amen on just taking each day as it comes. Yesterday we didn't get the "lesson plan" accomplished but instead focused on some character issues. I had a child not finish my planned work for her and instead she wrote out Bible verses. God is a far better teacher than I could ever wish to be. I believe that if we keep His goals for our children as the priority then He will faithfully grow them into the adults He created them to be. I'm just along this journey to assist and follow - not lead.

Anonymous said...

You are so wise my friend! May the Lord continue to Bless you and your family this new school year! Clearly I need to grow in the area of organization and trusting the Saviour. Your ideas are very inspiring. Thanks for taking the time to write them out for us.

erin v