Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Official Kickoff

Yesterday kicked of the new school year. With tradition we headed out as a family for a big pancake breakfast. Considering both boys rise around 6 am we got started bright and early. We then took a leisurely stroll (to walk off the pancakes no doubt) and headed home.

Each year we have a treasure hunt in our house for the fresh new school supplies. I am a sucker for new pencils, markers and our new obsession Twistable Crayons. I like these because my son Isaac can press hard and not break them, as well as, not be tempted to peel them instead of pay attention :o) I had fun shopping! This was the first year I could buy most of what we needed in one shop. I bought enough white cardstock to last the entire year.

I love the smell of new paper! I know.... a bit nerdy.

To put our new supplies to good use we sat down and made our notebook covers for each subject. They have fun tailoring the covers to what they are studying for the year. We use stickers, makers, printouts, etc. Isaac's notebooks inevitably have cars, bugs and dinosaurs on them because we all know they transcend every subject of study.

Today we worked through our first full day of academics and it went well.

Of course we couldn't leave little Eli without a notebook.

He didn't really decorate it but simply tried to eat it.

Boys will be boys!

(Stay tuned for more of the changes we have made for this year. I had intended to post that before the start of school but battled a nasty cold all weekend. )

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Melissa Stover said...

new supplies are so inspirational! thanks for delurking.