Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Reads

Joy @ Life in the Making
is doing a series of post on allergies to milk and diet changes they have made as a family. Several of her children have struggled with allergic reaction's to dairy including her recent newborn. She also shares about behaviors related to food additives. I am just beginning down this road with one of my own children. The first post is titled Beauty and the (food) Beast and the next second post is here. Well worth the read.

Heather @ Stepping Heavenward
posted an article she read entitled The Cloistered Homeschooled Syndrome. We need to train and teach our children (male and female) to be thinking responsible adults. The influence we will have in their lives has to transition to an adult relationship and not stay parent child once they are grown. I am not there yet with the adult child but I know I need to be making choices toward them being ready for adulthood at 18 ish. That starts now while my oldest is only nine.

I don't typically read much by the Pearls because I don't agree on many points but this article is well worth some thought in my opinion. I see it as a healthy warning and a means to check our own heart motivations. Though I do admit I might have trouble sending my 22 year old daughter into an unreached tribe by herself.

I have also recently started reading Neil Postman's, "Building a Bridge to the Eighteenth Century How the Past Can Improve Our Future". Not Christian worldview at all but interesting all the same. History, the past has always been intriguing to me. Not just the facts but the thoughts and ideas that influence us today.

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