Wednesday, August 05, 2009

TWIG Basket

Awhile ago I read of someone making a basket for her quiet times. The idea struck a cord with me for many reasons. The idea of having all I needed to spend some time with God in one accessible place appealed to me. Being a mom of small children I don't often do this in the same place or at the same time. Though I plan for both it doesn't always work out that way. Add to this my husbands ever changing schedule and the only consistent part of times with God is the need to have them :o)

So I went out and bought myself a cute little basket, on sale of course. It is a long rectangle which I find helpful for keeping books, journal and bible. The round baskets won't carry much due to their shape. I keep my bible and journal along with different color pens in the basket. I have some basic bible helps in there and my disc man with a few CD'S. I also include one book I am trying to work my way through. I choose a book related to Titus 2 and/or the cross. Though I read many Christian books I find it is essential that I am reading in the two previous areas. When I have time I read that particular book after my bible reading. So far I have been in the same book by Elizabeth George since January. Obviously an indicator of how often I have extra time for reading.

I named it my "TWIG" basket, which stands for Time With God", because these times are often no where near a quiet time. Many mornings I am reading and praying with a chattering baby at my side or a very energetic loud 5 yr old or both. There are times they wake me so early I simply wait till nap time.

I do find that now that I have my TWIG basket, with all I need to meet with God I actually do it more often. I love how I simply need to pick up the basket and head for the living room, bedroom or even the bathroom to get started. My kids even know what I am doing when they see the basket.

I have also created a way to keep me on track with praying for my family and others. More on that next time.


Jorge and Karen Silva said...

Great idea!

Leslie said...

What a great idea! I got in the habit of laying things out (ie Bible, journal, book, pen, hilighter) on the table where I sat during my morning quiet time. A basket would be great for that as it is portable!

Glad I came across your site. This is our first year homeschooling (3 boys)- can't wait!