Friday, August 07, 2009

Ten Months Today

We have the tradition in our family of taking a picture of our children every month in the same chair until they are 24 months old. It's lots of fun to compare all three kids at the same age. Eli is the boy version of his big sister at this age.

Today Eli John was plopped in the chair for his monthly photo except he would not sit still. He has become the squirmiest on the move little boy. I am not sure I got a decent still picture of him but adorable non the less.

He has cut four teeth this past month almost simultaneously. Poor guy has been a trooper. Even though he was a bit grumpy (and rightly so) during the day he continued to sleep at night.

Each time I put him on the floor I fully expect him to simply crawl away. He does every other move but actually put out his hand and go forward. Once he figures that out there is no turning back. My 9 year old has already offered her baby chasing a price of course :o)

Still amazed that this little miracle has graced our life and feel so grateful to watch him grow up.

Catch me if you can!

Can't miss the red hair.

The pudgy fingers get me every time.


momma's heart said...

My favorite is the one in the lawn chair! He looks wonderfully healthy and so cute!

My daughter has her finger in her mouth frequently too--looks just like this last picture when she does it. No teeth yet, at 8 months (today). Seems like she's been working on them for 2.5 months though.

Beth said...

Great pics Sandi! I remember those days fondly.

I'm sorry to do this via a comment, but I couldn't find an email address. We wanted to let you know that Jan passed away on Wednesday. We don't want to put up anything to personal if you'd like to contact us our email is