Sunday, August 16, 2009

Six Years Old

August 13th marked the sixth birthday of my big boy. You are the goof and jokester of the family. Passionately pursuing what ever your interest may be. Dinosaurs and insects are the current focus and have been for over a year. You know so many details about the different kinds of bugs. It's fascinating to watch you pour over books to learn more about your favorite creatures even though you can't read yet.

Your love of nature and the outdoors keeps the rest of us healthy. If you can be outside you will be. I long one day to see you have fields to roam to your hearts content. To fill your treasure box with all the things you'll find on your outings.

I so enjoy your loud belly laugh that gets us all going. Your love of cooking and baking. It's helpful that you like to cook considering how you like to eat!

Though this year has been full of change and growth for you and us as your parents. You truly are a gift from God.

Happy Birthday Isaac!

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momma's heart said...

Wow! My boy Daniel shares every single one of your son's interests. I've seen it written that time in nature is therapy for these boys.