Monday, August 10, 2009

A Peek in My Window - 8-9-09

What's happening today?

Outside it is raining which is a relief to me. After the super hot weather a week ago I am ready for a bit of cool. We started our fall routine this morning. I always start easing into the new routines and changes the last month of summer. Aaron took the kids for the entire day this weekend to give me time to get my planning done. I don't have everything planned for the fall but have a "plan" to get it all done. There are many changes happening to our schooling days in light of a completely different learner this year. I can't believe this is starting our 5th year of home educating our children.

Eli has taken to screaming when no one is paying attention to him. I totally forgot about that stage. It seems I have forgotten most stages. None the less, I am enjoying him so much. I am also relishing the tender relationship my oldest and youngest are developing. Today, I found Journey on the floor snuggled up to Eli as he drank his goat milk bottle. She was just talking away to him stroking his hair. Those are the moments I don't want to ever forget. Eli adores his big sister. Every time she enters the room he lights up with a huge smile. This will come in handy when he has soccer practice in 7 years and she has a drivers license...I'm thinking ahead.

I also joined a ladies gym last weekend to get started back to my fitness goals. It is literally not even one minute away by car. My plan is to go in the evenings 2x per week and once on the weekends.

Oh, and we are being over run by dinosaurs and monster trucks but that's nothing new.

On My Mind
Mostly thinking about the upcoming school year and Isaac's ADHD and attention struggles.

I have been thinking about many of the bad habits I have formed over the summer in trying to deal with some of the stress we've faced related to Isaac's struggles. I started caving for lack of a better term into entertainment like movies and online shows. I have cut myself off for two weeks to break the bad habit. Funny how I went from to much blogging/Internet time too movies. Can you tell I was trying to avoid some things in my life?

Also thinking about how much to share and not share here about the ADHD and it's effects. It is such a huge part of my everyday existence yet I am reluctant to share.

That the 31st marks 12 years of marriage for us.

I'm Reading

The book of James

The Complete Guide to ADHD by R. Barkley

Children The Challenge by Rudolf Dreikurs (not recommending it...just started reading)

House of Orphans by Helen Dunmore
(just picked up from library and finished chapter 1...if you know something I don't know let me know)

The Secret of the Swamp by Piet Prins (read aloud with kids)

I'm Making

A pictorial routine chart for Isaac. Aaron (my live in artist) hand drew many of the pictures which I just love. He made a few of them very "Isaac" like. For example, including bugs on the outside play card. Isaac's favorite hobby this summer has been killing the wasps in our backyard by hand. Some things you just let go of as a mother :o)

I'm Listening

To stories from the kids quiet times humming in the background and the click of my keyboard.

I am also into an old Watermark CD called All Things New.

I Am Grateful for

Aaron's job

My Psychical Strength
My blood pressure was 96/52 today. My bum may be big but it's healthy!
I have a very close friend who's body doesn't work as it should. I am humbled daily by her godly attitude about it.

My three kids who are a gift even on the worst days. And this summer there has been some bad days.... trust me!

I am in Faith for

This upcoming school year. Knowing God has a plan in light of all my weakness' and struggles we face. He has all the wisdom I need all I need do is ask.

The Gospel In Today

I deserve nothing and look what I have!

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