Friday, August 21, 2009

Mobility Begun!

I put Eli in the middle of the kitchen floor and

went into the other room for 2 minutes. This

is what I came back too.

The chase is on!

This is his new favorite thing to do. Push his bum up and stand on all fours (and his head). I personally think he is teasing me by showing me he could just get up and walk. But alas, he is sticking to his nature of being nice to his mama and doing one thing at a time.


Joy said...

zoooooommmm....there he goes! *grins*

Love the bum in the air thing- David used to do a similar thing and crawl, and it sorta looked like an upside down crab. It would make me giggle!

Mrs. Nepper said...

That is so adorable (bum up in air thing). Soon enough he'll have it down pat and be into everything, and quite pleased with himself in the meantime. He really is a cutie!

Cara said...

Cuteness! Give him a squeeze for me!