Saturday, August 22, 2009

Food For Thought

In my reading this morning over at Challies Dot Com he posted a quote from John N. Oswalt’s The Bible Among the Myths.

"I question whether we can talk about 'development' of any sort apart from the unique biblical perspective. Does 'the historical process' teach us about development or progress? Certainly we can look back over the past ten millennia and see certain signs of increased technical competence. We have moved from hunter-gatherers using sharpened stones as tools to bureaucrats communicating around the world electronically in seconds.

But is that progress? Or is it merely change? What is the goal toward which human society is tending? Or are we too, like our 10,000 year-old forbears, only wishing to survive as long as possible with a maximum of comfort, pleasure, and security? In fact, the idea of progress is dependent on the idea that our Creator has a goal for us, outside of ourselves, toward which we humans were made to progress and against which our progress can be measured. Give up that truth, and 'progress' becomes a chimera."

Such a clear focused definition of what progress should be. Advancement of any kind is based on the Creators goal and plans for our lives, country, community and nation. I love how he points out it is a goal outside of ourselves. I find that outside myself part a daily battle in my small corner of the universe. The measurement must be HIS big picture not my own assessment distorted by my feelings and present circumstances.

There so much more to this related to our culture and the "progress" of society as a whole. Are we really progressing or just making ourselves happy and fat.

What are your thoughts on this?

I must admit I had to look up the word "chimera".
I had not clue what it meant :o) Now this word girl has one more in her arsenal.

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