Friday, July 17, 2009

What We're Up To


Next years learning

Our Homeschool Space



Big Homemade Bubbles

Cut and Paste

Bug Puzzles

Backyard Volcanoe

Chunky Lego


Journey's flowers

Potted Strawberries

Six pots of Tomatoes

A Baby


Anonymous said...

Love the baby in the tub! and your cups and bowls look terrific in your hs center!

The Neppers said...

Wow, looks like you guys are keeping busy. Missing your posts, but I also know its good to take a break from all the "silent noise" too.

Happy Summer!

Joy said...


My next big 'project' (after baby arrives, of course) is to re-order our learning room. Yours looks so 'ready'- makes me want to find my sharpened pencils. (Forget new year's resolutions, I always favored the beginning of school because of the nifty new school supplies!)

All the legos all over the living room floor look just like my house. (Even the baby crawling in the tub!)

Thanks for giving us a peek! :)

Stacy said...

Oh, Journey! Your flowers are beautiful!

Your homeschool shelves are so orderly!
And your toys... nicely done!

I've missed your posts!

Beth said...

We're in the process of ordering for the new school year also. We did Jeannie Fulbright's Astonomy this year (we're still finishing up) - we loved it! We plan to go meteor- shower watching in August. It looks like you all are having a lot of fun this summer.