Sunday, July 05, 2009

Silent Noise

I am going to take a blog break at least for the month of July, possibly longer. I am finding I spend to much time on the Internet. It is creating this silent noise in my mind. The constant exposure to new ideas and new information is creating a noise that I need to get away from. It's all good stuff it just isn't all necessary stuff.

I hear myself telling the kids to wait a minute.....many minutes in a row. I am struggling to get some basic things done due to struggles we are having with one of our children. I am committed to my family and calling to be at home serving my family. I don't leave my physical house much but I am leaving too much via the world wide web. Things are intense around here and I am tempted to check out and the constant information and reading is sucking me in and tiring my mind. My energies need to be focused very simply....on each of my children and husband.

I am reading less books which is a big red flag for me. I find I am "browsing" in my thinking and processing lately. I have little mental energy or time alone to process. I need to hold the little time I do have wisely. I need to be talking to my husband, reading the word and gospel centered books not the Internet.

I will pop in to post things I want to remember about the kids or something I want to record after the initial withdrawal :o). I won't be frequenting other blogs on a regular basis right now. The writing is good for me.....ALL the reading online is what I need to shut down.

Have a great summer. I will be reading again when I have better control of the noise in my life.

I do still plan at some point to post about the changes I am making around here. I simply need to live them and not think about talking about them.


Cara said...

Sandi, I really respect your decision to take a break. Your thoughts about the red flags that prompted this decision was especially helpful and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing--and enjoy your time away from the web!

momma's heart said...

Reading and writing are a stress release for me as well. But I actually have a greater addiction to books, in the sense that when I start one, it becomes all consuming. The small bites of reading I do online take me away much less, and still relieve the stress.

Lately, I've been less stressed and spending less time online. I can look back and see that the months I posted a lot were the same months my stress level was very high.

Joy wrote me an email about 4 weeks ago saying that a year ago she took a break as well, and then started back slowly and only went online during naps.

I sense that you are in tune with/receptive to the Holy Spirit. He must have plans for you during this break.

I'll miss you.

Stacy said...

Sweet Sandi,

I loved this post. You described it so well- the noise. The blogworld/internet can be so good, so resourceful. It's a wealth of ideas and encouragements and recipes and stories and lessons and and and and AND.... but it's just that: NOISE. And sometimes that noise is too loud.

There have been times where I've read a blog post and immediately thought: "Oh, wow. I've got to do better in that area."

Off to another: "Aha! I really should spend more time thinking about that topic, maybe journal and pray through that."

Click on another blog: "Mark and I need to talk about our response to that whole idea."


All good growth areas, for sure.

Then I sit before God and ask, "What do *YOU* want from me today? What are YOU speaking to me?" But it's difficult for me to hear Him amidst all the good stuff I'm analyzing based on others' posts. And it's VERY possible that He doesn't want me to work on any of those things; those may just be lessons for someone else.

So it's a challenge to keep Him first, to keep pressing in and hearing Him above and beyond all of these bloggy words/worlds.

Blessings to you in this break, Sandi. May you hear Him.