Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Peek In My Window

What's happening today?

Just returned from the doctor with little Eli. He had a cold starting on Saturday. It turned runny nose, then little cough to a wheezy cough. Today he had wheezy breathing that I just wasn't comfortable with...so off to Dr. B. We love our family doctor. He is a Christian and a friend who cares about my kids. Anyway, little man has bronchitis. I just have to watch him and us the nebulizer if needed. This is all related to his RSV at 7 weeks. A common cold gets ugly quick. He is still smiling and being his cute happy self in between wheezing and coughing.

My husband got a promotion and is now team lead at work. So proud of him!
He really likes his job. He has worked many jobs and didn't like most of them all these years but did it anyway.

Tomorrow is Canada Day but Aaron has to work so we might go to fireworks and a BBQ after he gets home.

On My Mind Today?

I have been thinking much about the rhythm of our home. What makes me tick (or not) as well as each of my kids. How to promote peace in the midst of chaos which is where many of my days end up (see next paragraph). I so want to be able to control my environment with a schedule in order to be most productive. I am learning to deal with what is at hand realizing that productivity isn't what's most important. This is a hard lesson for me. I am on a learning curve to have a plan but to see the relationship and investment along the way as the priority. Learning how to deal with meltdowns and still get daily life done is my challenge right now. (Still planning to post about this when time allows)

My 5 year old son. We received an official diagnosis of ADHD plus some for him last week. We found out he is very intelligent but struggles to process with his super charged brain. I am on a research and learning curve that is unknown ground for me. It certainly explains many things for us and his struggles. This summer will be spent finding out what works best for him school wise and how best to help him in daily life. It makes me more grateful he is at home with me. A classroom setting would be unbearable for him.

What Am I Reading?

It's pretty focused reading besides my bible.

Homeschooling the Challenging Child by Christine M. Field

Right Brained Children in a Left Brained World by Jeffery Freed & Laurie Parsons
Highly recommend any parent read this. Which brained your child is really makes a difference in their learning. You might learn a thing or two about yourself.

SuperParenting for ADD by Edward M. Hallowell
This book is helping us see the our son outside the behaviours. Helping us understand that it's not just disobedience and that the strongest need here is unconditional love.

Suggested reading is welcome. :o)

What Am I Grateful For?

Many things come to mind. I am grateful for my husbands thriving job in light of so much economic struggle. This is the first job in eleven years that actually pays the bills.

I am grateful for Eli's health, it could be much worse.

I am grateful for how God made my son Isaac with all his strengths and weakness. I am grateful that He has a plan for him as we walk the road before us. In many ways I am excited. With such a power charged brain the world is at his finger tips!

I am grateful it's summer and the sun is shining.

What Am I in Faith For?

Trusting God that I can home educate Isaac with his needs while still having time for my daughter, the little man and Aaron....plus the laundry, dishes and well you get the idea

God will provide all I need for life and godliness today and everyday!

How Does the Gospel Apply to Today?

My first thought is God's goodness and His sovereign plan. Trust me, there are days I wish things were different but only when I see it through MY own eyes, staring at MY weakness and My shortcomings. This day and all that it holds is His perfect plan for me and my family. My job is to depend and rely on His sacrifice on my behalf. Because of His sacrifice I have all I need for my life today.


momma's heart said...

Lovely post. I'm finding that I really look forward to your writing.

I know how challenging a road it is with an ADHD child. Everyday is hard; plenty of blessings still, but extending the mercy they need feels monumental, in the midst of all the other daily tasks. It's so difficult to stay calm all day and avoid snapping at them, out of sheer frustration at the annoyances characteristic of the disorder. Everyday I feel like someone else gets shortchanged, due to Daniel's issues. I am praying that God fills in the holes this is causing for the other children.

Anyway, you are on the right track and responding to this just as God wants you to--in total reliance on Him. God does have special plans for these boys! I believe it with my whole heart.

Both my girls got RSV at eight weeks old. I read that getting it early can lead to asthma, but Emily is 30 months and only gets uncomplicated colds. Eli will hopefully grow out of the wheezing soon.

I'll pray for you and your family!

Congratulations to your hubby! Sounds like he waited for this blessing. All the sweeter, when we have to wait. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Here's a recent post of one of my best friends.. it's a very very very brief summary of their struggle with the diagnosis of their son with ADHD.


They're christians, solid people. I'm sure they would be very excited to share their journey with you, as they have really struggled quite a bit with the issue over the years. He told me the purpose of his post was to reach out to someone he thought needed to hear it. Maybe that's you? God does work in strange ways sometimes... so who knows.

Sandi said...


Thanks for the encouragement and prayers. One day at a time is my motto right now. I loved how you said "the mercy they need feels momumental in the midst of everything else....that is so true.
I so have to let many things go in order to meet his and the others kids most important needs. Having a clean house really doens't make the cut anymore. I draw the line with the bathrooms though.:o)


Thanks for stopping by and the link. I will be checking that out.