Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Road to Joy

I am one of those who doesn't enjoy being weak. It's part of my personality and mostly just part of my sin nature. I like being in control and can quickly, yet falsely find my strength in my ability and productivity. I have been camping out on this verse lately.
True strength doesn't come from performance, ability or productivity. Strength is based in who we know, who He is and what He has done for us. It isn't a force or "an effort" so much as a place of acceptance. An acceptance of the hope that has been bought at such a great price yet given so freely with out recompense.
I imagine it will take a life time for me not to default to life long habits of what I consider "strength". My prayer is that I can be filled with Joy because of what He has done and that I can face with confidant rest what today brings. The world sees strength as effort and power yet the paradox of the gospel is peace and rest. I am slowly learning that real strength is in the resting, the waiting and the trusting in HIM and not my effort or work.
I pray for joy of the Lord and abundantly!

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momma's heart said...

beautiful post--thanks for the reminder

thanks also for your prayer for my husband today

loved the pics of your baby--so cute!