Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Back obviously one week turned into two. My family is off to church. My little man is sleeping so all is quiet. I have missed writing.

The first week was to get some things done and the second week was because I have been sick. This is the worst cold (still hanging on too) I have had in a LONG time. No one else seems to have gotten it. Rest is a good thing and because I have such a great best friend, I got a boat load of it yesterday. Thanks Aaron!

Things I cherish:

I feel my blood pressure go down when I encounter places like this park, where we spent a few hours on Mother's Day. I relax instantly. I am no city girl yet I live on the out skirts of a major city and my husband commutes 3 hours a day to get there for work.
We are grateful for God's provision of work and Aaron loves his job....double blessing.

Take a look at my survival strategy :o)
I sneak away to places like this!


Cara said...

Glad you're back! Hope you get feeling all the way better very soon.

Man, that little guy is so cute! I wanna kiss those cheeks!

Marian said...

Welcome Back...that picture of your little one is adorable! You should enter it in the contest I entered Tess in (the link is on my blog) That sweet!

Joy said...

oooh, I like your 'escape'! Mind if I wander a bit with you? *smiles* What great pictures you have of that...just looking at them makes me feel peaceful too! And man, what a sweet cutie pie...I can't get over his eyes. So precious.

Sorry to hear about the cold. It seems to be that sort of season- we've all been a lot sicker this year than we've been in the last four or so years of kiddos. I am so ready for the better weather and fresh air that banishes the germies, especially being pregnant- it seems like I've caught everything!

Jorge and Karen Silva said...

I am so lovin´ that photo of Eli!!!