Friday, May 01, 2009

Good Reads

On Mothering and Family

The Flourishing Mother where she shares about the value of experiences over things.

Large Family Mothering as she shares about seeing her older children follow God for themselves even in light of mistakes made along the way.

Holy Experience where Ann talks about Epic Parenting.

A little taste:
"Jesus didn’t lead by lecturing.
He didn’t sermonize, pontificate, moralize or summarize.
He knew well what as a parent I too often forget:
Lecturing grinds away at faith."
Things I want to try
This Mac and Cheese recipe....I've being trying to get away from the boxed stuff but haven't found something yet my hubby is willing to replace it with. Here's hoping this one will work.
Yoghurt in a crockpot...I've made my own in the oven overnight but am curious to try it this way.
Jess at Making Home does an enormous Show and Tell with tons of links if your interested. I usually grab a cup of something hot and read away (when I have time).

Have a good weekend!

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