Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm going to be MIA for a while. My mother is coming for a visit from the East coast this Thursday. She hasn't visited in while and it is her first time seeing Eli, who by the way is almost 8 months old...yikes!

There are many other things going on taking much of my time right now. Partly very low energy, lack of sleep and a very challenging child. If you think of us, pray for wisdom in that area.

On top of that I had a emergency dental appointment yesterday that has revealed I have an infected failed root canal. So not only do I get one root canal on that tooth...I get a bonus of having a second done. Can you tell I am so excited :o(

We did finally plant our container garden for the year. Can't wait to eat those tomatoes. Will post pictures when things slow down.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Imprints Left Behind

Today I had an appointment for Eli. I chatted in the waiting room with other moms and dads talking of typical things like ages, personalities and as always, why my very tall children were with me instead of in school. This particular time, a mom was genuinely interested in the idea of home educating and how one does it. She has 20 month old twin girls and a 3 month old baby boy...rather ambitious enquiry if you ask me.

Our turn came and went. A nurse returned to give me some paperwork and asked a very common question.....Do you have three children all together? I have been confronted with this question many times over the last seven years and each time I make a choice. The choice to smile and say I have three or to go on and explain that I have given birth to four children and been pregnant six times, loosing two of them at twelve weeks. Right after Jonah was born and died I was compelled to always include him in my responses. As time went on it became a choice. Most times I can sense if someone would be interested or not. Sometimes I have judged incorrectly but not today.

I took the chance responding to the nurse and explained that I actually have given birth to four children, one of which died shortly after birth. It is at this point that you get a clear picture of how the conversation will go from here. She moved closer to me and attempted to sit next to me but my bag was in the way, I quickly moved it. She sat next to me and expressed her sympathy and sorrow for me. It was amazing really. The door opened so easily and God was at work through this little boy again. How often I have found a complete different response. Other times the person begins to fidget with their hands.....a sure sign of discomfort, they instinctively move slightly away from me, express their sympathy quickly and excuse themselves. I don't blame them. The death of a baby IS unnatural. I do find that those who have hurt much themselves are the ones who move closer. As a culture and by nature we run from suffering, pain and discomfort. I know I still do on many levels.

She gently asked me how my son died, I explained. She took the time to express her thoughts on how difficult it must have been and how one gets through something like this. I agreed that it was/is difficult to the core and then began to tell her about my Saving Grace, my Hope Within and the One who Sustained me through the darkest struggle of my life. I began to tell her though my son is dead in his body, he is not dead as we think of death but very much alive. That his death and the gift of that suffering has opened my eyes to things I could not see, to comfort I hadn't known and truth I was yet to believe.

Jonah's short life brought much grace into our lives as God worked it all to good for His glory. This little boy we will never see grow up, nor hold or talk to on this earth still leaves his imprint here. He opens doors for me to share about an amazing Savior that would otherwise remain closed. It also blesses me to talk about his life and how he is so much apart of our family, still today. It makes me think of a foot print left on the beach. There was someone there, but you don't know who it was or anything about them.....just the evidence that they truly exsist.

Thank you Jonah for still speaking seven years later into my life and the lives of others. And thank you God for using the short life of a small boy to turn this heart and the heart of others toward you.

This is his legacy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Back

Okay...so obviously one week turned into two. My family is off to church. My little man is sleeping so all is quiet. I have missed writing.

The first week was to get some things done and the second week was because I have been sick. This is the worst cold (still hanging on too) I have had in a LONG time. No one else seems to have gotten it. Rest is a good thing and because I have such a great best friend, I got a boat load of it yesterday. Thanks Aaron!

Things I cherish:

I feel my blood pressure go down when I encounter places like this park, where we spent a few hours on Mother's Day. I relax instantly. I am no city girl yet I live on the out skirts of a major city and my husband commutes 3 hours a day to get there for work.
We are grateful for God's provision of work and Aaron loves his job....double blessing.

Take a look at my survival strategy :o)
I sneak away to places like this!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Blog-itty Break

I am going to refrain from blogging this week. I need to be spending the kids afternoon quiet and nap times getting some stuff in order. I am been thinking much on Kendra's post about the top 5 things.

I wanted to leave you this week with a prayer request for some IRL friends. Holly's daughter Abbi is going in for heart surgery this month. Please lift up Holly's mama heart and for a quick procedure and recovery for Abbi.

Oh...and one more thing. Since the weather has gotten a bit warmer I have a new passion.
Move out of the way Starbucks!

Homemade Mocha Cooler

1 cup cream (i use 1/2 c. coffee cream and 1/2 c. milk)
1/2 cup of decaf coffee
1 tsp vanilla
1 package of Stevia (you can use whatever sweetener you like...about 2 tsp or to taste)
2 Tbls. of unsweetened cocoa powder
5 ice Cubes

Put cream, coffee, cocoa, vanilla and Stevia in blender. Blend on low till mixed well. Add ice cubes and blend on high until frothy.

It makes two servings, well that depends on how much you want for yourself :o). The great part is there is no sugar if you use Stevia. Don't be afraid of the real cream....be more afraid of high fructose corn syrup and MSG then real yummy cream.

Have a great week!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Good Reads

On Mothering and Family

The Flourishing Mother where she shares about the value of experiences over things.

Large Family Mothering as she shares about seeing her older children follow God for themselves even in light of mistakes made along the way.

Holy Experience where Ann talks about Epic Parenting.

A little taste:
"Jesus didn’t lead by lecturing.
He didn’t sermonize, pontificate, moralize or summarize.
He knew well what as a parent I too often forget:
Lecturing grinds away at faith."
Things I want to try
This Mac and Cheese recipe....I've being trying to get away from the boxed stuff but haven't found something yet my hubby is willing to replace it with. Here's hoping this one will work.
Yoghurt in a crockpot...I've made my own in the oven overnight but am curious to try it this way.
Jess at Making Home does an enormous Show and Tell with tons of links if your interested. I usually grab a cup of something hot and read away (when I have time).

Have a good weekend!