Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Journey Girl

Hard to believe that nine years ago today this beautiful little girl was born. It has been catching me off guard all day long. She is so tall and grown up, especially seeing her hold her baby brother. Time truly does fly!

In our house we have a tradition.....on your birthday you get to plan the menu.

Today's menu:

For breakfast these yummy homemade whole wheat blueberry pancakes with real whipped cream and fresh strawberries. As you can tell the picture was taken on the second serving not the first.

Our amazing Egg Salad Sandwich lunch was made and served by none other then the birthday girl. We have the Mother's Little Helper Cookbook by Rod and Staff. Journey loves to make these all by herself. I boil the eggs and she does the rest.

And for dinner we will be having Eggs, Toast, Bacon (a real treat) and wanting grits but still can't find them in Canada. We haven't crossed the border in awhile to stock up.

For dessert....Oreo Cookies. Pretty big deal around here!

This was our weekend Easter Egg hunt with all the cousins. We also celebrated Journey's birthday with her cousins for the first time in three years.
She so enjoyed having her family with her.

Dear Journey,
I am so grateful God made you who you are. It has been a privilege to see you grow into such a sweet young girl. I appreciate your willingness to help and cheerfully. Your little brothers are mothered twice over :o). You have an amazing gift of making peace and getting along with anyone....your mama has learned much from you in this area. I am so blessed to have you as our first born. We are doing so many things for the first time together. I love your passion for reading, writing, creating art and crafts. I have so enjoyed learning to knit with you this year. You truly are a blessing to your parents.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
I love you,

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Marian said...

Happy Birthday to your "little" girl ~ which by the way she will always be! No matter how old she gets! What a sweet letter to her, thanks for sharing it with us!