Friday, April 17, 2009

Eli John....6 Months Old

Finally the details :o)

Well, this little guy is over 18 lbs in his 6th month. Kind of on par for boys in our family. In fact, Eli is a light weight compared to his older brother who was 17 lbs at 2 1/2 months. Yeah I know.... hard to believe but true. Eli also follows suite with our family history of big craniums. He is in the 90% for head size. Both my older two were in the 95%. Gotta love those c-sections!

He is looking ever so cute daily. Bringing much fun and delight around here. He loves to belly laugh especially at the family clown, his older brother. He loves to give kisses with a very wide open drooly mouth. You really need a towel on hand for the event, I absolutely love them! He waves at us regularly. His eyes are a slate blue and brownish. I get quite taken in by them :o)

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

This is his new favorite past time. Bananas, avocado and sweet potatoes. He loves to eat! I usually don't feed my babies until they are interested. At 5 months, every time we sat for dinner he would smack his gums at us. I thought it was cute and then started to clue in, he was trying to tell us something. The rest is history.

I couldn't pass up this cuteness in his froggy print diaper cover.
Those frogs and I have become good friends, visiting several times a day.

We are spending time daily learning to do this. We are still a bit wobbly but getting there.

Eli is truly fascinated with these...his hands. He looks at them, chews on them, grabs with them and then sucks on them. They are the all purpose baby tool. They are super cute chubby too!

We have dabbled in a bit of sword fighting.
Every boy needs a little exercise even if he can't walk.

Eli has decided he would like to read early.
I caught him sneaking his brother's Explode the Code book to get a jump on things.
Truly a joy is this boy!


Stacy said...

He is truly adorable, that son of yours!

Tami said...

Eli is so cute. My daughter who just turned two only weighs 21 pounds. But he sure doesn't look like he weighs that much. Love his cute pics.