Thursday, March 19, 2009

When Do You Blog?

Because I don't have a plan for my blog time I do it randomly. Though I feel no pressure to blog and write, I do very much enjoy it. With having three children, two that I homeschool and one being a baby, my time can be limited. This week we were on spring break so there has been more time to blog.

I am curious to know when you blog? Do you plan it regularly on a calendar? Do you compose part of the post before hand or do it on the fly? Do you write with your kids twirling around you or do you need quiet. I want to grow in being more disciplined in my writing. It is a joy for me but one that gets crowded out at times because I don't plan for it. I am also lazy at times which doesn't help :o).

If you care to get into it, I am curious as to why you blog. My motivation simply comes from liking to write but no desire to be published. I also blog to preach truth to myself, hoping it will encourage others. I also like posting cute pictures of my kids for those loved ones far away.

Awaiting your thoughts!


kat said...


i have to say that i dont have any given time when i blog (which sometimes means i forget to do it!) so i think that i need to be more disciplined in this area.


Marian said...

Hi Sandi, I usually blog when my little one takes her afternoon nap or after I have put her to bed at night. I have to be careful because I can spend a many a hour on my computer. My primary reason for starting to blog was to keep my mom & dad who live so far away up to date with Tess, however it has turned into a very enjoyable outlet for me to connect with others and to express myself through writing like yourself.

Sandi said...

Thanks for your input ladies.


I started out thinking if would only be for those far away but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the writing and outlet myself.
I have also enjoyed the community, though I have created boundaries to make sure I don't get too suck into the virtual community vs. the real live one.(Not that you aren't real :o) Being at home with small kids homeschooling plus being a homebody anyway, makes it easier to express here and not in real life.

Hi Kat,

Thanks for stopping by....I am often thinking about blogging but due to lack of planned time I don't actually get it written and then the thoughts and ideas are brain is sieve lately.