Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What a Guy!

I just want to brag a little bit on my husband today.
This is what greeted me this morning and when I came downstairs. Aaron is quite a talented artist but something few people would know about him. He did this before leaving for work this morning at 5:30 am.
He is also a poet.


Today is your Birthday!
How does it feel?
Your are now 39.
Can it be real?
39 is one year closer,
To that dreaded age.
But really know, it's not that bad,
It's just like turning another page.
The book of your life
Is full indeed,
With all manner of joy and story.
As you live it out for God
You give Him all the glory.
...And if someone says "Wow 39",
as if that's getting on.
You just say "Don't forget ole' Methuselah'.....
969 years before he was gone!
Happy Birthday Sandi
I love you friend!


Cara said...

Awww... what a sweetie. I'll bet that made a very bright start to your special day.

Happy birthday!! (Have I mentioned that I cannot believe I've known you for 20 years??)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sandi! Hope your day continues the way it started and that you will know great joy in the coming year. Blessings.

Ann said...

Hi Sandi, The above comment was from me, Ann Wirtz....... don't know what I did to become anonymous!

Stacy said...


What a pretty card- and what a talented husband to whip that out for you.

And a cute poem, too!


Much love to you!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday! What a blessed woman you are!

Elise said...

Aw- I love that he calls you "friend"! So sweet. Happy (belated) birthday, dear one!

Anonymous said...

He is so sweet. Hope you had a really great birthday!!

momma's heart said...

Right around this time in March, I turned 43! So take heart. You're very young! I don't know any moms (with young kids) older than I am, so it's easy for me to feel old. Although, I don't physically feel any different than I did at 20.

My six-month-old is sleeping behind me, so I've had some time to read over your old posts. I enjoyed myself. Thank you!

Time to get to those dishes now. I'm doing well, aren't I, in getting to my dishes at 3:50 p.m. lol