Thursday, March 05, 2009

Circle Time at our House

We are finally back in the swing of things with school since Eli's birth. Over the next little while I want to share some of the things we are doing and why we do them.

I want to start out with Circle Time. I got this idea from Kendra at Preschoolers and Peace . We do things a little different then Kendra's family but we so enjoy the coming together in the mornings for this special time.

This star notebook is our memory verse book. The front has various verses regarding the Word of God. It is a simple cheap photo book I picked up for $1.49 at the grocery store. Each morning we start our circle time with this book. We have what we call our family verse and our church verse. Below is our family verse this week. We affectionately call it our RPG verse. Creating acronyms really helps them remember and also apply the verse. Our goal is to bring the family verse intentionally into our daily lives that week. For example when something happens that isn't of their liking I can direct them to Rejoice and Give Thanks because their greatest need has been met in the cross. We find ourselves this week calling out "RPG" many times a day to encourage each other. It isn't just the kids who need to be reminded either :o)

R - Rejoice always
P - Prayer without ceasing
G - Give thanks in all circumstances

This is our church verse for the entire month of March. Isaac works on the first verse. Journey memorizes the first three verses. If they are able to memorize them they each get a Spurgeon Buck to spend at our church book store. It is really a great motivator for the kids. It tells you a lot about our church when they put old reformed dead guys on the children's Sunday School dollars.

There is more to our Circle Time but will save that for the next post.


Melanie said...

Great idea!!!! Thanks for sharing...I wish there was some way we could earn those Spurgeon bucks ourselves ;)!

Elise said...

Yes, I LOVE that they are calling them Spurgeon bucks!!! What an amazing man. Thanks for sharing your circle time- I love your twist on it!

Marian said...

Hi Sandi, I'm new to your blog and I really enjoyed reading this post. My little one is 14 months and I have thought about a "system" we can use for bible memory things like that! This sounds great. My peanut is only 14 months but it's never to early to start. Look forward to reading more! Stop by anytime for a visit at my "musings" (Great choice for a blog name :) Grace & Peace