Monday, February 23, 2009

Sobering Day at Our House

This morning in my blog rounds I was reading at Making Home, a blog I frequent and enjoy. She posted a review on the book, Abortion: The Silent Holocaust by John Powell Jr. I would recommend you read the review. It so happens that I picked this same book up at a used book sale not too long ago. Her review sparked an interest in reading the book so I ran upstairs and pulled it out for later in the day.

Shortly after returning from the library today I found my oldest daughter Journey lingering at the table reading the cover of the book. It never occured to me until that moment that she might read it. I have often wondered when we would have that first conversation about the taking of innocent life. It's not a topic, nor conversation I looked forward too. I really had no interest in explaining to my young daughter the needless deaths of so many unborn babies. This especially in light of the many losses we as a family have faced and our desire to have many children.
So the conversation began. I asked her if she new what abortion meant. She said no. I then asked her if she knew what Holocaust meant and she shared the bits she had read or heard about. We looked up the word holocaust in the dictionary. It states: a great or total destruction of life. We discussed the Jews and Hitlers systematic destruction of that people group. Then we moved onto what abortion meant. After the explanation she simply looked at me for a minute.
Then she said "Why don't they just have their babies and let people adopt them."
In the back ground my 5 year old son yells (he yells most everything he says) "we like our babies and want to keep them."
I had tears in my eyes explaining this reality to my children all while holding my four month old son. It was sobering to me to realize that she had no idea this was going on everyday all over the world and how little I think about it most days. Their simple logic was refreshing. The issue may be big socially and politically but the bottom line is we are talking about life, not a choice or a mistake. or a (fill in the blank).
These are babies.....people like you and me.

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Anonymous said...

That's so beautiful! Kids are precious, and your kids' reactions are also a testimony to the Christ-centered worldview evident in your home and to truth-filled parenting. We can't always control the timing of these discussions, but God's timing is perfect.

PS I love I's comment