Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heavy Heart

Not much original thought around here lately. I have simply been living life with my family which is full to the brim most days. When I am thinking my thoughts drift to the many people I am aware of right now that are facing loss and hardship.

  • We have a young couple in our church who are facing skin cancer. She has surgery this Friday to remove the cancer and lymph nodes. She is also pregnant with two little guys at home. They are waiting for tests results to see if it has spread. My heart is so burdened for them and all they are facing. Please pray for them as they face the unknown with her health with this little one on the way.

  • I have another friend who had her third early miscarriage this week.

  • Another new friend at church that is possibly facing her 4th loss at 14 weeks.

  • This family is not a personal friend but someone I came across in blogland. Their little baby girl just went home to Jesus after a short battle with stage 4 cancer. To take your little one to the doctor for an ear infection and to then find out she has cancer.....I can't imagine!

My heart is heavy for these families. If you have time today please pray for each of them as they say goodbyes and trust God in the midst of uncertain circumstances.

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Anonymous said...

I have talked to a few people this week who feel that heaviness too. Much prayer is needed for many! Hope you are on the other side of heaviness...
erin v