Friday, February 06, 2009

Guess Who?

Let's play a little game.
Each of these pictures were taken at four months old.
Guess which family member is which.
Bonus question: Who looks the most alike?
Picture #1

Picture #2
Picture # 3

Picture #4



Cara said...

Well, I could be wrong here, but there's not much doubt in my mind...

#1: Sandi
#2: Eli
#3: Sweet Journey (I still remember meeting her around six months and thinking she was such a pretty baby!)
#4: Woah. Definitely Sir Isaac the Chunk! I remember those cheeks from a picture on my folks' fridge!

Bonus: Maybe it's just the angle, but I'd have to go with you and Eli for the best look-alikes. Would you agree?

Melanie said...

I was going to guess the same as above for all four pictures plus the look-alike! I love your hair-do and Journey is so sweet!
For a moment, I thought Isaac could have been Aaron (with the dated chair) but the wall colour and blinds were too current.
So is there a prize for the winners?

Sandi (aka Mrs. M) said...

Your both right on the nose. And I agree for the most part that Eli looks like me. Though, looking at some of Journey's baby pictures makes me think they might look more a like then I can tell right now. I take pictures each month of the kids till they are 2 years it's fun to have the comparison.
Thanks for playing ladies:o)