Monday, January 05, 2009

Every Single Day

I am not a big one for New Years resolutions. Though there is nothing wrong with making them, I think we should evaluate our lives and ask for the input of others on a regular basis. If we are doing that then resolutions in January aren't all that necessary.
That being said, there are a few things I am resolved to work on this year.

I first want to be slower to anger and more rich in love. If there is one place I fall off the band wagon when it comes to homeschooling is being too quick to anger. You see, when I have time frames and deadlines I can become military monster mom. Today we started back to our schooling full time for the first time since Eli was born. It went well but I am so aware of my temptations in this area.

If you have been around this blog for very long you know last year was crazy. Babies being conceived :o), ceilings crashing in, moving...again, jobs being lost and found, paychecks going MIA and baby being born....aren't you tired just remembering! You think after all that I'd be the most desperate person around but I am ever greeted with the desire to be independent and desiring to do things my own way. I need to be more dependent especially in the mundane and smaller things in life. I need to come more face to face with my inability to do anything apart from Him.

Thirdly, I want to continue to grow in eating healthier and more naturally. My desire is to grow in simple living and creating a more peaceful home for my family.

The last area is the desire to see doctrine met in the everyday. To live in light of the gospel moment by moment. The reason I started blogging was to muse about this very thing. To discuss it with others, encourage and be encouraged. I have strayed from that in many ways over the last year. The gospel is meant for the everyday and I have so much to learn in applying it to my life full of grammar, diapers, marriage, and meal making. How do I point my kids toward home and their saviour in those seemingly insignificant moments of life? How do we not let the details of life grab our attention away from whats really important? My hope is to grow in making the gospel more central to my/our lives and be transformed by it every single day.


Holly Nepper said...

Hey Sandi,

Holly here. I love reading your blog and regularly check in on you and your beautiful family. The thing I love about your blog is that its real, and truly reflects a family (that most of us can relate to - the triumphs, the sorrows, the good, the bad) going through life, and in the midst of it all, trying to find God in these things. Thanks for sharing yourself!

Sandi (aka Mrs. M) said...

Hi Holly,

It's been a long good to hear from you. How are you and Rob doing? I heard you had another baby.
Would love to catch up with you. I am humbled that you read this ole blog and my thoughts regularly. Our email address is the same as it was when we all still lived on the Island. Hope to hear from you.