Friday, January 02, 2009

Ahhhhh... A New Year

I love cooking dinner when the kitchen is really clean or taking a shower right after the tub is scrubbed. There is something about things being fresh, clean or new. A new year feels kinda like that to me.

What's new around here....well I gave my blog a bit of a face lift. After a while I need a change. My living room is too small to change the furniture around too much so I change my blog :o). I updated my profile and lo and behold I am using my real name now . By the way, for those who didn't know, my name is Sandi (with an I).....nice to meet you. When I started blogging I was all paranoid about using my real name or the names of my kids. Not sure what changed.....maybe Mrs. M makes me feel old considering I am approaching the big 4-0. I also planned to use a picture for my avatar but I couldn't find one.....sure tells you who takes all the pictures in this family.

What else is new around here? Eli has decided to start sleeping through the night. Grateful for the sleep but he is growing up soooo fast. He has hit about 15 pounds and is the family chubby monkey. His cheeks are so cute when he smiles under all that chub.

I have also discovered in this new year that my treadmill still works :o) It's not a new years just happens that I am fully recovered from my c-section and past the craziness of the holidays. It also helps that my 3 month old baby is letting me sleep at night. Exercise makes me feel so good!

I have some great books I plan to read this year though my list is much shorter then last year. Not sure I got through more then 4 of them from that stack. More on that later.

And as this new year rolls around I am still a sinner in need of God's great grace. A sinner grateful to be met with kind mercy in 2009. It so amazes me that Jesus died so I could live. As He draws me, I am more aware of my sin, which in turn makes me more grateful for His pardon.

Since we are using real names and I have lost my paranoia...I would like to introduce my family.

My handsome husband Aaron

My sweet 8 year old Journey

My passionate 5 year old Isaac (aka Ike)

You all know Eli John...the cutie tootie.
Don't ya just love his shirt! What you can't really see is at the top of the gray circle it says "Change Me"

Another member of our family Jonah Ethan would be six years old right now. How we miss him but not without hope.


Tami said...

Sandi, Happy New Year! Beautiful pictures of your family! Blessings, Tami

Cara said...

Oh, yay! I am so happy that you've decided to use real names, only so that I can call you Sandi when I comment! Writing "Mrs. M" has always seemed sort of cold or impersonal or something. Maybe it has to do with having known you for almost 20 years (!!!). Anyway, I'm relieved. :)

PS: LOVE that picture of your three musketeers.

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Hi Sandi!

Ooh... I love all of the pictures! IPood is just too funny!!!

Hey, I just started using my treadmill again, too! I've used it for almost 8 consecutive days! :-)

LOL, about the 52 books on my blog. Well, I'm not pregnant, nor do I have a three month old. {grin} Either of which would completely put a kabosh (sp?) on the plan. :-)

Loved your sinner in need of grace paragraph -- me, too. :-)


Elise said...

Hmmmm. I don't see a picture of my friend, Sandi, in there... but your family is gorgeous!!! :)
Your daughter's name - Journey - I love it! I gasped aloud when I read that. As lovely as she is. And your little chub... I think my Gideon shares his cheeks. ~smile~
All my love to you in this new year, my friend.

Stacy said...

Sweet Sandi!
I love the freedom to use your name, now! ~smile~
What a pretty name for your daughter! Love that.
Love your new blog look, too- and I'm anxious to see a profile picture of YOU!