Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Change, Change, Change

Those of you who have been around my blog a while or know us IRL are aware of all the CHANGE we have faced over the last year. Well, I'd say the last several years.
Babies, jobs and houses OH MY!

My husband started his new job yesterday. What an amazing story of God's provision! He lined up so many details, like salary, time frames, close transit, and the crazy part is that they came looking for him, not the other way around. They called for a phone interview, had two more in person interviews and within a week he had a job. We signed the contract the Friday before I went into the hospital on the Tuesday. What a relief for my hard working man. He could really be focused on his family during the birth and not worry about providing for us. I thought this especially was so kind God. It is so much harder on them then us when there are financial and job struggles. We are so thankful!

As he catches the bus at 5:30 am (bless his heart) I am at home with a newborn plus two and a c-section recovery. I am so grateful that this section is like night and day compared with my last one five years ago. I feel great comparatively and am so glad that my body is healing so well. During times of change I have learned to live in blocks. Blocks you ask?......blocks of time. My husband and I sit down and hammer out what is the most important. And we share with the kids what those five or so blocks of time will be. Then during the day I can do what ever block works for us. Nap and quiet time can be at 10 am if I need it to be whereas in regular daily life it is usually the same time daily. This gives me the flexibility to care for baby, my own body and still give my big kids some kind of structure.

Theses are our current blocks:

Morning time - getting ready for the day, teeth etc


Nap/ Quiet time - my big kids don't sleep anymore so it's easier to use this one any time of day to suite Eli or myself

Fun/ free time

Exercise/Walk - a short trip around the block to get fresh air (I don't go to far yet)

School/Activity Time

What are some the adjustments you make when life is busy and in transition? I am all for gleaning from others and growing in this area of serving my family.


Melanie said...

I just go into "Feed" mode:
Feed the baby,
Feed the family,
Feed the dishwasher,
Feed the washer,
Feed the dryer.
These are the essentials...all else can wait!!! Especially with a newborn and while recovering from a c-section.
Then bit by bit other things are added...housework, shopping, school, etc... as I have the energy and ability. In all, it usually takes me a good 6 months to a year to get back to the "old" routine and stay on top of things.

Mrs. "M" said...

That's genius really....Feed Mode.
That's really all you do in those early days.
And as for school....that block is the last to get done if it gets done. I find with an 8 year old she can do so much independant and needs something to do. My two start picking at each other without things to do. Her academically and Ike physically. My house needs help and will for awhile yet....who cares about dust bunnies anyway :O)

Thanks for the imput. I will definately remember this one.