Monday, September 08, 2008


* Yes, I have changed my template. I so lack the ability to do something original so I rely on the blogger choices. I really have the urge to rearrange my furniture but will settle for a new blog-lift. My belly won't allow the moving around of my living room :o)

So, my husband has officially been let go at his job. We got the news last Friday. It is so funny how they keep saying it has nothing to do with performance but about him not being able to work locally. When they hired him they KNEW he would always work from home and that there is a two hour ferry ride between us and them. They said he could keep his (very unstable) job if we moved to them at our expense. I actually got a laugh out of that one! I wouldn't trust these people as far as I could throw them...and right now I probably couldn't pick them up. I have trouble picking up my 50lb. five year old right now :o)

On the baby front.....he is well and growing like crazy. Bending over is becoming more and more difficult....a good sign. So overjoyed at this gift of life. Finally, got the ball rolling on finding another doctor. The first doctor wanted to wait too long to do my c-section in my opinion, putting myself and baby at risk...long story. Please pray all is settled quickly. It would sure be helpful to know when the c-section is going to be in light of job hunting and me being off my feet for a few weeks.

How are we doing.....actually by God's grace much better then we deserve. Though I definitely have my moments.. I am at peace. God would never save us and sanctify us, make a home in heaven for eternity and then leave us to ourselves in our current situation. He is a faithful provider, an ever present help in trouble and a constant companion. All that said, my sinful heart is not faithful, not constant nor reliable. Fortunately that doesn't matter. What a relief that the cross covers all my sins. My biggest struggle (an area you can pray for me) is my own heart, my temptation to ungratefulness which is fueled by discontent. I do not want all the things of this world, like lack of work, others (really bad) choices, and worry to overshadow the joy and rejoicing of this new life in my belly. It really is a miracle that God has allowed this to happen again.

I am grateful for sound doctrine too. As I grow more and more in the gospel I see how sound doctrine allows me to be (come) the helper and mom I am designed to be. When the storms hit my hope is that the waves hit a firm wall of sound truth by his grace and there will be no tossing about. This is my prayer.

Don't get the wrong impression. I have my moments, I am still tired and weary in many ways. I also have a surgery recovery ahead of me in the next few weeks...not knowing if my husband will be working or not. At the end of the day God is unshakable therefore I can rest. When I can't rest he will still show up!

Thanks for all your prayers.

I have been reading some great books lately that have lead my heart to truth that I hope to share about....where would I be without the written word!


Nicole said...

That sounds really hard. Have just prayed for you...Hope your husband finds a new job soon.

Stacy said...

((((Love you, Mrs. M!))))