Tuesday, September 02, 2008

September Already?

Can't believe we are already headed into fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. I am not a hot person :o) My blogging break in August was an attempt to focus on getting organized for the fall. We started homeschooling again daily last Monday and are back into a more focused routine. I spent my break planning curriculum and routines on paper to create accountability for myself...especially once we add a new member to family. We also worked hard over the summer to finish our Botany book for science and meet all our Canadian socials requirements for the year. This has greatly simplified our homeschool day making it feel much more relaxed. I decided to ditch Latin (gasp!) in favor of an easy year. I want to enjoy this little person and the two other blessings I already have. They have a life time to learn Latin.
The last week has been so pleasant because we planned ahead and worked over the summer. I also slept more and cleaned out a few areas that were driving me crazy. The garage still awaits some attention...but bending over is not my favorite past time right now. It may have to wait :o) Simplifying life by planning has been such a blessing!

We did a little bit of this:

A lot of this!
We have local pool that has a family swim for FREE 3 times a week. Needless to say...we lived at the pool....and my kids are better swimmers for it. Lessons are overrated.

I cooked a bit of this getting ready for you know who.
Not as much as I'd have liked but I still have time.

I froze tons of these blue babies for the fall and winter.
I might be going back for more this week.
I could live on this pie alone :o)
Yeah, my homemade crust looks awful but it sure tastes good.

Just thought you'd appreciate seeing them in mass!

I baked 60 of these puppies in various flavours. I wanted to provide easy snacks for when my sweet husband will be doing the domestic thing for the first few weeks after little man arrives.
I made whole wheat blueberry, chocolate chip and strawberry.....the real problem is keeping hands out of the freezer until October!

Happy Fall!

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Stacy said...

You've been BUSY! Great job!