Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Yesterday my little man turned 5 years old.
Where does the time go!

He is the comedian of the family, constantly looking to make other people laugh. When he wakes in the morning he is cheerful (loudly cheerful I might add) and ready to go with hugs, kisses and lots of conversation. He's always been a morning person. I love that about him!

He is so curious. He stops and wonders about things I so easily pass by. I will never forget the many conversations we have had about how babies come out and the anatomy books we consulted along the way. Do most 5 year old boys ask such detailed questions?

Yesterday he planned the family menu for the day and I made him a blueberry pie for his birthday. He had such a happy grateful heart about it all.....that was such a blessing to this mama's heart.


We love you.

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