Sunday, August 03, 2008

Blogging Break

For the month of August I am taking a break from blogging.....I kinda already have been by simply not posting :o) I don't really feel obligate to blog but do enjoy it and so enjoy the on line community. My mind is in so many other places right now. Working on a little quilt with my 8 yr old, gardening, preparing for baby, school in 4 weeks and sleeping . I have serious baby brain as well, I am indecisive and forgetful...not used to that!

I will still pop in for baby updates and the occasion quote but overall I am leaving blog land for most of August but I will be back!

All is well with baby by the way..... 29 weeks tomorrow. We set up the crib yesterday. I spent time washing a few baby clothes. I found the sleepers my older kids came home from the hospital in.....what great memories. It felt good! I still am humbled by the fact that I get to have another baby. God is so kind and merciful.

Have a great remaining summer!

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Alanne said...

Bless you!