Friday, July 25, 2008

Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves

We as a family are away for a week and I meant to post before we left but didn't get a chance. I had a small window of time on he computer and wanted to share. Last weekend we had the privilege of having such wonderful biblical teaching from Steve and Janis Shank. She shared on Hope and Contentment. Steve preached on "All for the Sake of the Gospel" and "The Gospel and The Glory". When we return I hope to share about that time with some of the many quotes that so effected me. This is one area Steve spoke about that stuck with me so vividly. I leave it with you till we return.

Why should Christians preach the gospel to themselves everyday?

  • guilt preaches to us everyday
  • disappointment preaches to us everyday
  • worry preaches to us everyday
  • fear preaches to us everyday
  • our besetting sins preach to us everyday
  • death preaches to us everyday
  • the temporal world preaches to us everyday

You can listen to the entire message The Gospel and The Glory here.

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