Friday, June 20, 2008

Pictorial Portfolio # 2

That time has come again where I am compiling pictures and samples of my daughters work for her portfolio. This will be my last paper portfolio. Starting next year I will be having "live portfolios" with my friend Hester (hi hes) who will be my new accountability person.
It also means I end a great relationship with my old teacher Amber (hi amber) who has been a tremendous blessing to our family. I have worked with her for 3 years and will miss her!
Those of you not from Canada are probably baffled by the whole teacher accountability thing but hey it works for us :o)
Here are some of the other post from our 2007/08 year:

Handy Dandy Homeschool moms....
helping with the structures class at our co-op in May.
I am blessed with a very creative and supportive homeschool community in my church.

Here are the cuties learning in the structures class.
My daughter is in the white shirt front and center.

Painting in the co-op art class.
They did sand art and marble painting plus alot more.

Sculpting in the co-op art class. This was such a treat.
One of our pastors is a trained artist and taught sculpting to our kiddos.

Building structures out of connecting straws .
These things are so much fun!

The below picture and this one should be switched. We were learning about Taxonomy related to Botany. We gathered all our shoes and but them in phylum's, classes, genus, species etc. just like botanist do with plants.

The beginning pile ready to be classified.
The chomper guy was courtesy of my 4 year old son.

Working out capacity in our math... estimating how many liters to fill different containers.

This things is so cool. It is a gear toy. You connect all the pieces and there is a motor that turns one crank and it makes the whole thing move. They spent hours with this one.

Our pill bug habitat.

There were more pictures but somehow they were deleted off the digital camera.

Oh well! You probably couldn't stand anymore pictures anyway!


Hester said...

Pictures are the best... except when you include the MOST unattractive picture of me ever shot to date! Thankfully it's nice and blurry... For such a season in your life, you sure did loads of hands on work!

Tami said...

I totally get the teacher accountability thing. I have a "consultant" that guides me along the way, but I am still free to choose curriculum, and to homeschool in the way we see fit. We meet once a month and go over what we are working on. Because I use this option given by the school district I am free from state testing and proving what we are doing. Have a blessed day! In God's love, Tami

Mrs. "M" said...

Hi Tami,

That is interesting about your consultant. I have several friends who homeschool in the states and they have nothing like that but I guess each state is different. That's nice that you don't have to do state testing.
We have certian requirements to meet but in the lower grades it is so easy to do while still doing what we want. In the higher grades I am not so sure it will work. I have a few years to think about that. We also recieve funding which is an awesome gift!