Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Frugal Decor

I love a good deal on something I like. To find these kinds of things you need a good mix of patience, time and the ability to stick to a budget. We rent and have moved much in the last several years so investing any kind of real cash in decorating would be foolish for us. What I buy for this house may not work at all for the next. So I look in the clearance bins at home decor stores and the local thrift shops. People give away perfectly good household items because their color scheme changes or they tire of it. I like these people! I hit the jackpot in my last round at my regular places.

This is a finished wooden bowl. It is more beautiful then it looks in the picture. It now holds my fruit but could easily be used for a decor piece in the living room. Cost $2.

These are ink drawings of places in Montreal. There is nothing special about them except I really like them. I love the black and white and the detail. They make me want to be in the picture. We hung these in a set of three in our upstairs hall way.

Cost per drawing and frame $2.99 each at a local thrift store.

Framed print of Van Gogh. Cost $3.99

The mirror on the left was made in Italy and it is real metal.
It's quite nice. Cost $1.99
The vase on the right is beautiful and looks so antique.....shhhh it's aluminum but you wouldn't know unless you touched it. Cost $0.99
These are improving the look of my bathroom.
The little crock on the left is for our toothbrushes. Cost $0.99
The little bath pitcher and bowl wouldn't be every ones taste but I love these older kinds of things. It's not really old but looks it and I love the color. It sits on my bathroom counter.
Cost $3.99
Decorating to me is about having things you like and enjoy around you. Color also makes a big difference to me. When there are warm tones you love, it makes for a cozier more relaxing home to YOU.
I love visiting others homes to see what they have around them, to see what they enjoy and like. Trends are so not me :o)

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Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home said...

Those are some great finds! I love the wooden bowl, and the Montreal pics, and the pitcher and bowl. Very nice. It's definitely all about finding things that you enjoy looking at. I'll have to visit and see how you've decorated the new place soon!