Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Container Garden

We moved in to our new place the beginning of May. The yard is smaller then we have had in many years. Planting a garden in the ground would have taken much of the kids play space so we decided to plant in containers this year. I didn't think I would like it much but it is going well. Getting more sun would be helpful! For those of you in the north west, you will know what I mean. Here's our container tour.

This is a little detour inside of the house first. I received this Flame Red Bromeliad for Mother's Day. I love this plant! First time I saw it I fell in love....and I don't typically fall for plants. It is the reddest flower I have ever seen and it is so unusual.
This is another Mother's Day gift. I didn't plant this one, though
I would like to take credit for it :o)
It has become even more beautiful in the week since I snapped these pictures.

These are a variety of flowers. The middle pot are butterfly friendly plants we planted to go with Exploring Creation Botany...our butterfly garden.

More butterfly friendly plants.

These are my herbs. There is lavender, mint, basil, onions, cilantro, parsley plus a few others. The far left is a green pepper plant my son so wanted to buy at the nursery. He takes the care of it very seriously. I am enjoying going out back to grab herbs for our dinner.

Here are my 4 different types of tomatoes. The center large pot is a cucumber we plan to grow up instead of out. I didn't get a picture of my strawberries. So looking forward to those maturing.
Everything has grown so much in the last little while. Once the sun comes (if it does) I will retake pictures in a few weeks. We are having a blast with our container garden. I love the lack of weeding associated with containers.
We also have several Stellar Jays nesting in our backyard. We have seen hummingbirds and tons of dragonflies. Proves to be a fun summer around here.


Hester said...

It looks lovely - it's a terrific idea to plant in pots.

I love spring, or at least I would if it would actually arrive. When did you manage to get real sunlight for your pictures! My seedlings are starting to come out of our garden patch, but some of them are deciding that it's just too miserable and wet. They reach upwards and then go all yellow and shrivelly - I don't blame them, that's how I feel too.


Tami said...

Very nice! I am just so happy to have sun for a few days! Have a blessed weekend. Keep us posted on that little gentleman growing in your belly :~)
In God's Love, Tami

John said...

Your container garden is looking great. It will be interesting to see how the cucumber does growing up. I just planted a couple of them in a hanging basket out of curiousity. Hope you have a good harvest.

Loraena said...

You must truly have a green thumb! My plants always die and my yard looks terrible!