Sunday, June 01, 2008

2008-09 School Year

Okay.....I think I have down what we are doing next year. Our local curriculum fair is this coming Friday, June 6 - 7. I like to see something before I buy it so I look forward to this weekend every year. It also forces me to plan for the fall now and get my ducks in a row.

Grade 3

Learning Language Arts Through Literature Book 3 (Yellow).
I chose this program this year for it's ease for me and my daughter. It covers copy work, dictation, literature, book studies, cursive and grammar. Though I don't intend to use it every year it is a nice fun way to do Language Arts. We will hit more rigorous grammar in a year or two. I really like Rod and Staff but find it very repetitive year to year. The idea of alternating these two curriculum's is appealing to me. I am considering a writing program of some kind but haven't decided yet.

Singapore Math 3A-3B and Intensive Practice 3A
I love Singapore Math! No more need be said:o)

Exploring Creation with Botany Science
We have recently started this and we love it. I plan to do another post on why we love it so much. If all goes well we hope to start the Astronomy book the beginning of 2009

American History
The Light and The Glory & From Sea to Shining Sea for Children by Peter Marshall US Mapping
I decided to stray from the Story of the World Path this year. Being an American myself, I so wanted to go more in depth with the Early History of the USA and all the great men and woman of that time. Living in Canada, I especially wanted to make sure my kids understand the history of where I was born. These narrative biblical accounts of Americas early history are just what I was after. My children are far more interested in history when told in a story. We plan to notebook our way through these books and add a good mapping program with it. We plan to read aloud several biographies through out the year.
There are activity books for these. If anyone has used them I'd love to hear what you thought of them.

We will continue piano and hope to get into a local weekly art class. I plan to continue with memorizing scripture and poetry weekly.


A Home Start in Reading by Ruth Beechick
Explode the Code
I love Mrs. Beechicks gentle non overbearing approach to teaching little ones to read. It's very natural and there is no pressure to get through a lesson. The Get Set for the code books give my little guy some "school work" like his big sister.

Singapore Kindergarten Math

My five year old is tagging along with science and history making his own little notebook as we go. We will cover some required socials with him but it is really very minimal.

So that's our laid back year. I am returning to note booking (except Math and LA). I got caught up in worksheets this year and it just isn't us. Not sure how that happened. I also am covering required Canadian Mapping and socials over the summer. Doing it in the summer allows me more freedom to do what ever through the year.


Melanie said...

I ordered the yellow LLATL for F too and I got the blue one for L. I am so relieved to have made a decision on this and to have a less hodge podgy LA program for the kids. Hopefully I'm not disapointed :).

Anonymous said...

I did too for S! I might just get the Red Book for B if my hodge podge doesn't work out. Nice to see your list up...

ukrainiac said...

Have you ever looked at the study guides from Beautiful Feet Books? They use real books to teach history, geography, and more. Combines writing, Scripture, journaling, etc.

Sounds like your next school year will be great! LLATL was another favorite of mine...