Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Little Experiment II

A while ago we as a family tried a little experiment. We are still living without the big black box and can't imagine it any other way. When we moved into our new place we had cable free for four days. It was a clear reminder of why we are better off without TV. I was VERY exhausted which contributed to my desire to do nothing. I was so easily sucked into the couch potato...please let me veg mentality.
It has been roughly three months without TV and we as a family have found many other things to do with our time. We have been reading much more, getting outside, playing way more games and most importantly talking together more. The last change has been so great for all of us. There are other activities the adults in our family have increased participating in too ;0).
The lack of TV has created time. Time to "be" together without some other voice making noise. I am listening to my kids talk about their ideas and interest, even those wacky four-year old boy thoughts...which can be a little strange at times. I really like the changes. I know that not everyone needs to get rid of their TV in order to accomplish these things. I just know I did. We lacked the self control especially in those moments of exhaustion and laziness.

The new obsession in our home of late is:

My 7 year old loves to play and has for along time. We have recently discovered how to get our four year old, very active boy engaged longer then one round.

He plays with a team. He calls them his "boys".

He lines them up and they take turns playing the cards each round. He is reinforcing colors and numbers while having a good time with his family...the stuffed and real variety.


Melanie said...

That's very cute!
We've been TV free for 5 years now and can't imagine going back - there has been so much fruit from that decision it is not even a temptation to get cable or satellite anymore, in fact it's more of a repulsion =).
All the news and mindless entertainment we need can be found online.

Anonymous said...

I just returned out cable box on Tuesday this week. It was Dave's idea "Yes" and so far the girls haven't seemed to notice the difference. The lady at Shaw Cable was dumbfounded that a man would choose to live without T.V. oh the suffering the family will endure you must have a least basic cable she insisted. No thanks lady! Glad to hear from you my friend. mama lee

Cara said...

We use our computer to play DVD's at times, but other than that, we've always been a TV free family as well! I love it! TV was such a temptation and distraction for me growing up--I just didn't have the necessary level of self-control. So I'm grateful for a husband who is completely on board... and for kids who have never known it any other way!

Anonymous said...

Adorable seeing the little man playing UNO. We've borrowed the in-law's TV for the hockey playoffs - little J likes the hockey and the girls like the commercials. I think we'll keep it for the Olympics and then back it goes.

Stacy said...


UNO is a favorite at our house, too.

I am continually thankful that we are TV-free. I am a HUGE fan. :)