Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here's the (long overdue) scoop

We are slowly getting settled into our new house. Pictures to follow :o). I lack a bit of motivation in getting unpacked. After almost three weeks I still haven't unpacked my bedroom. I don't seem to care all that much about it. I'd rather be outside gardening. Moving several times in the last 18 months could be part of it too....ya think!

Onto more exciting is doing well. I am 17 weeks and I heard the little heart beat this past Monday at my midwife appt. I also have been getting a few internal jabs and kicks :o) Physical evidence of life is so reassuring. My latest food addiction is spicy black olives and greek salad. I truly could eat it for breakfast. On June 2 I have my 20 week ultrasound and hope to find out what we are having! I have come off the "puke meds" and feel much better.

On the homeschool front....we are slowly getting back to daily work but at a lighter load. My homeschooling adventure looks so much different then I thought it ever would when I got started and I have only been doing it for three years. We are doing a few things through the summer because come fall I will have a newborn and a c-section. I am trying to wrap my head around schooling three children 4 and 5 years apart. There is time to work out those details. I will post at some point my plans for summer and fall....once I figure them out.

We are going shopping tomorrow to buy supplies to start our container garden. We are doing themed containers like "Salad in a planter". This is a post all of it's own.

Pictures of our living room.
Still working on most other rooms :o)


Nicole said...

Thanks for the update! I really love the red paint on the walls and the picture wall too!

Heather said...

Wow! I love the pictures of the house.

So happy about the baby!!!! :-0


Melanie said...

So glad all is going well! The house looks great so far...I can't blame you for not unpacking the bedroom - how many times have you had to re-pack?

Stacy said...

It's so good to hear from you!
I can't even tell you how joyful I am to hear about that baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder of wonders! God is SOOO good! Wow. What a HUGE answer to prayer!

Okay- and your house, too... thanks for the photos! Good to hear you're settling in.:)

This sentence about homeschooling I could have written myself:
"My homeschooling adventure looks so much different then I thought it ever would when I got started..."

Yep. Here, too.

I like you! Good to get an update!


Viridian said...

The house is looking great and I am so, so thankful to hear the good baby news! Enjoy those jabs and kicks! Rebeca

Julie Stiles Mills said...

What a beautiful, warm looking home! Hope you are settled here for a LONG while.

Loraena said...

Congratulations! Somehow I missed your exciting news until I read this post.

Your house looks so cute! Love the paint on your fireplace wall.