Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Simple Things

Things have been pretty slow and simple around our house. Not too much excitement but much fun. In only doing the bare minimum I have been relishing in the joy of the simple things in life. Like rolling in the laundry before you fold it....and laughing at your 4 year who is wearing your underwear on his head quite proudly. The crazy playdoh creatures that can be made while I laid nauseated on the couch. The many stories and quiet snuggle times just chatting because mama didn't have the energy to ride bikes or blow bubbles outside. These last few weeks have reminded me what's important. Good food (though my cooking has been sparse), clean clothes, something good to read, a little creativity, my family and a gracious savior.
What more could one ask for?

A glimpse at a few simple things in our life.


Tami said...

Praying today. Love Tami

Tracy said...

Underware on the head! Awesome. Love those four year olds.