Wednesday, April 09, 2008

All Is Well!

We had our 12 week ultrasound yesterday. Each life is such a miracle....the ones that stay here on earth and those that don't. We don't deserve to parent another little person but it looks like we are going to get that privilege. I couldn't be more grateful.
It was truly amazing. This little baby was so active and ALIVE! The arms and legs were moving constantly...twisting and turning. At 12 weeks this baby was running a marathon yet I couldn't feel a thing. I only knew because my eyes told me so, by staring at the screen. We bought a little sleeper after the appointment to celebrate and begin the preparation for babies arrival. I plan to enjoy everyday with this baby knowing there is no guarantee for tomorrow, yet hoping and longing to see it's little face in 6 months.

They also could no longer find the source of the has all healed. Which is practical good news considering we are moving in a little over 2 weeks. Oh my....I need to go pack some boxes


Jorge & Karen Silva said...

So glad to hear this Sandi!!! Thank you Jesus!

Melanie said...

Such GOOD news! I'm so glad for you.
The 12 week ultrasound is a favourite of mine - you can see the whole baby swimming on the screen, so amazing.

Rebeca said...

Praise be to God! I'm so very happy for you, and pray that you will indeed be holding this little one in your arms in six months. I gave birth a week ago to our precious little son after two losses, and it is such joy to have and hold him. Rejoicing with you!

Tracy said...

Yeah! So glad to hear this! Praise the LORD!