Friday, March 28, 2008


Thank you to everyone who has been praying and checking in..I so appreciate it.

Where to begin?

We are moving April 26th (if we get a truck). God worked out circumstances on our behalf....again. He is so faithful and will be again and again. Our current situation wasn't going well. The landlords still hadn't fixed our house some 5 weeks into the ceiling falling down. We weren't looking for a new place but started to think it might be wise to do so. We had a friend call and tell us of a house for was cheaper, more square feet and it was in the same basic area as our current house. These are all things we desired. We took a look and liked it....and really liked the landlord. We have started to interview the landlords in light of our bad rental situations. I wanted to know why they were renting and if they live off the rent we pay them. I know it sounds forward but I think I have a right to know if they can afford to fix things that go wrong.
That same day-ish our current landlords told us they were bringing workers in that was Friday prior. We asked where we were going to live while they fixed it. They wanted us to stay here.....ummmm NOT! They were ripping our house apart...we have two small kids...I am pregnant. No thought for that what so ever seemed to be on their minds. So that Saturday, they said they would give us the rest of our rent back and we would by Monday, need to find our own place to stay for a week. Not realistic at all. And the reduced rent was compensation for living in half a house not to pay for us to stay somewhere else while they fixed their house. That decision on their part convinced my husband we were outta here. So we move for the 3rd time in 18 months. So grateful not to have had to look for a new place.....God has been very kind to us!

On the baby front....I am 10 weeks (11 weeks on Monday). Things have been going well. I am on semi-bed rest because of the spotting that at this point seems to have gone away. I have been very sick. It reached a point over Easter weekend where the vomiting wouldn't stop. My midwife said the dehydration was worse for the baby then taking anti-nausea drugs....that she assures me are perfectly safe. Definitely not my desired road but can't I tell you how happy I am not to be vomiting anymore. The meds make me more tired but I'll take that any day over throwing up all day. So due to meds I am feeling a bit more human. Not being on the edge of throwing up or actually doing it makes one feel much better. I guess I didn't realize how awful I felt till I didn't feel that way anymore. This is my 6th pregnancy and I have never been this sick. Women who deal with this kind of sickness every pregnancy are my hats off to you. All this hopefully means this little peanut is as a healthy one. I have another ultrasound April 8th to check if the spot where the bleeding was coming from has healed.

I am hoping to be around more now that I am feeling better.
Thanks again for all your prayers and concerns.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't Swallow Your Gum

I could not resist posting this. This is a post from the daughter of a blogger I visit regularly.

She shows us why we should never swallow gum. I laughed so hard...I needed a bit of humor today.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good News

First, thank you to everyone who is praying and for your thoughtful comments. It still amazes me to have people I have never met praying and caring for my family and I.
The ultrasound went well. At first they couldn't find a heartbeat. The person doing the scan was very kind and said these little people like to play hide and seek at 8 weeks. Honestly, I wasn't so sure. I tend to be one of those people who prepares for the worst so I am either pleasantly surprised or ready for the hard news. This wasn't my first time down this road. Finally, they were able to record the heartbeat. I heard it three times with my own ears. Then I asked for the vaginal ultrasound to really be sure and that one showed everything plain as day. Now, why wouldn't you just do that the first time....instead of making me lay there for 15-20 minutes while they fished for a needle(baby) in a hay stack(vast dark womb).
So little peanut is the right size and the heart is beating away.....saw it with my own eyes.
One thing is of concern.....they found where the spotting was coming from. It is between the sac and the uterine wall. They say this kind of thing can correct itself in time but there are no guarantees. Please continue to pray. The spotting has backed off significantly in the last few days so that is good.
We are grateful to have this little life today and are trusting God for tomorrow.

Thanks again for praying

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Super Hero Robot Teeth

My little man made a stellar performance at the dental clinic. He went under like a champ and come too, the same way. He seems to have a great affection for his silver chompers, so much so, that he has named them "The Super Hero Robot Teeth." They seem to make him feel like a big boy. We are certainly proud of how brave he was. I am also glad to know that for the huge chunk of change we paid.....he got some super powers out of the deal :o)

I tried to catch a picture of the chompers but they won't slow down long enough and the way I feel right now......I'm moving pretty slow.

Thanks for your prayers :o)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Good News

Well, the blood work was all good. I am still feeling gross....which is a good sign. The ultrasound March 11th will tell us much more.
It takes all my energy right now to simply do daily things. I anticipate laying low or just posting lots of pictures (LOL!) until I feel better. I really do miss blogging so much :o(

Thanks for praying.

Here's a few things we've been doing around our house.
My four year old...doing "cool" work like his sister.

Making a Richard the Lion Heart Shield

Being goof balls

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Yes, I disappeared. It has been a bit crazy around here for many reasons. I often think I need to post something of logical value or it's not worth it. Must be my pride! This post will be nothing but the nitty gritty of real life. The good the bad and the ugly. No composed topic of interest, just my world. I always said I didn't want my blog to be a journal but you know what.....if I write about what God is doing in my life then well, it's a journal. God gives me opportunity everyday to apply the gospel to my life and circumstances. Over the last week I have done that well and not so well. Here's the scoop.

Yesterday was my 38th birthday! I had a wonderful time with my family. They are the best! I inch ever closer to 40. (is that good news or bad?)

Our house......still the same as here. Nothing has happened in over three weeks. They said they would fix it, then when the price tag came in, they said they wouldn't. An inspector told them the house wasn't safe long term if they don't address the problem. They keep telling us they want us to stay but also say they don't have any money. If you own two houses where we have money :o) So we wait. It keeps dragging on but it looks as if we will be moving. The good part is it will be own our terms. We can stay here minus a ceiling until we find what we are looking for. Though we don't want to go that road we definitely have rights as tenants. We want a peaceable solution but not a slow one. We would love to stay where we are but that's not under our control.

Our car broke down. It was drivable but barely. Two flats in a week and an estimate to cry about. Once again God has provided and we have a friend (Go Kaz!) who will do the work free we only pay the parts. What a relief and provision!

Our four year old goes for dental work/ surgery this Friday. His first time under anesthesia....after loosing one child I must admit I am tempted to anxiety about this. I am trying in those moments to trust.....please pray for my heart. It may seem crazy but after watching one child die and feeling utterly helpless as his mother........I so struggle. Not that I could save any of my children but it's just how we moms are made. Also the cost is a little painful too! I don't need to get into why a four year old needs this...I didn't believe it at first either. :o(

Ladies only
We are pregnant again for the sixth time! I know we said we were done.......God changed my husbands heart and it happened the first time.....that in itself is a shocker. We were going to sit on it till around 12 weeks but.....I have started spotting progressing to bleeding but no cramps. I am doing blood tests to find out if my hormones are still raising...I should know later today. Please pray for us. I am doing okay now but a few days ago well......I was very discouraged and overwhelmed. I still have the overwhelmed moments.
Please pray for the baby of coarse but also pray that I would by God's grace be able to give him glory no matter when the house gets fixed or we move, during dental surgery, and not matter if the baby lives or dies. I want to apply the gospel to each part of my life.....the truth that my greatest need has been met already. There are days I do this well and others that I don't.

Thanks for praying and for reading my ramble. I need to learn better not to disappear when things get tough. Writing it out helps somehow for some reason.

PS We were blessed this week with a financial gift that created such relief for us. God is so the provider of ALL things. ;o)