Thursday, February 21, 2008


I really have nothing to brain is mush lately with the craziness.... but I miss blogging. So I thought I would point you too other people who do have something to say:o)

I have so been blessed by following Stacy's journey in adoption and fostering. If you don't already visit, it is well worth your time.

Tracy is on a similar journey and I am so encouraged as I watch both these women really care for orphans.

My friend Steph posted about knowing the source of our food. I found the video a little disturbing. We really should know what we are putting in our mouths. Steph and I go to the same little farm for our meat (thanks to her recommendation). I am glad the cow I eat lives close and walks on it's own:o)

This post by Tami was a great encouragement to me. Tomorrow has enough trouble of it's own. Living in this 24 hours as been helpful for my sanity lately. Cars breaking down, ceilings falling in, dental surgieries for 4 year olds....oh my! Teach me contentmant Lord in all my life circumstances!

I read this article about a 13 year old girl with Autism. It is a fascinating break though in communicating for her. We can never write someone off becasue they don't fit the norm. I tutor a young boy who is high functioning autistic. He is a joy and a bright little man! Seing people just as they are is so important.

I read this post at Radical Womanhood about a mom battling with career vs. being at home. She watches her children at daycare over a computer screen and daily wrestles with if it's the right thing.

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