Friday, February 15, 2008

The Personal Tour

I thought I'd post an update. Nothings changed. Hows that for an update! It has been an interesting week negotiating with our landlords. They are not the most go-get'um type people. We now, finally, have someone coming to look at the ceiling to give an estimate but not till Tuesday. This is going to take a looooooonnnnnnnggggggg time. We also want to ensure they are fixing it to a safe level and not doing a patch job. Fortunately, we have some rights though we hope we don't have to go down that road. To their favor, they are nice people :o).

It seems that when the house was reno'd a few years ago the entire ceiling was installed improperly. We have vaulted ceilings. They installed the insulation flat against the interior roof. We live where it is wet and moist all the time....big no-no! On top of this mistake there was a vent pumping outside cold air between the vapor barrier and the drywall. The warm air from inside rose. It essentially created a sauna in our ceiling. There are 3 other such vents on our roof. The entire interior ceiling needs to be replaced, re-insulated to provide proper ventalation. They may possibly move and or seal some or all vents. It is a big job. There is no way we can live in the house while they do it. We have been assured they want to fix it properly but I will wait to 100% believe that once I see a contractor in here actually doing it. I do feel for them but it's their house. I just hope they don't fix it them decided to sell it:o( All the while we could have avoided reno's and moved.

I am trying to live in this 24 hours :o) I thought you might enjoy a little tour of our world.

This is the plaster and drywall that came down first.

This is the first 4ft by 8ft hole where the drywall used to be. Notice the plaster that is missing. Makes a nice 8ft diameter bulge.
Pretty ain't it!
All the water was on the underside of the plastic vapor barrier.
Too bad the sauna wasn't in my masterbath room instead of the ceiling:o)

This is the same shot of the above picture after the rest of the wet drywall came down.
It just keeps growing!

Just another angle.


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ukrainiac said...

Oh my goodness! I thought you did a great job describing this whole event in a previous post, but the pictures really bring it home!

Tracy said...

Oh my! What a mess!

Anonymous said...

I have been there. Twice. No fun. I'm so sorry!